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7 Holistic Beauty Habits

Beauty science and rituals are dynamic and constantly evolving. At Pink Swan Cosmetics, we believe that beauty is about more than what you put on your skin. We are here to offer insights and education to help you holistically enhance your natural beauty, inside and out.


Our skin is approximately 30% water and water contributes to the skin’s plump texture, elasticity and strength.
 Drink plenty of water and remember to replenish fluids if you are in a hot climate or exercising.
 Topical emollients (such as body oil) may help improve skin barrier function (i.e. the skin’s ability to act as a barrier by blocking out external pollutants and locking in moisture/water). This will help skin look and feel its best and stay hydrated.


In some studies, sleep has  been shown to influence skin color, getting a restful night’s sleep may help you achieve that vibrant glow. Allowing your body to recharge with beauty sleep is also important because studies have shown people are capable of detecting sleep loss facial cues 


Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables may help improve skin color by supplying the skin with carotenoids, antioxidants and other nutrients. 
Carotenoids are organic pigments that give vivid yellow-orange colors to fruits and vegetables and brightly colored birds and fish.
 Examples of fruits and vegetables which are high in beta-carotene (a type of carotenoid) are carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, mangoes and papaya.
 Antioxidant rich foods and topically applied botanical oils (oasis body oil) may help the skin fight damage from free radicals and supply the skin with nutrients depleted from too much sun exposure.
 Try also adding kale to your diet. Kale is an example of an antioxidant rich food and is also rich in vitamins A, B6, C, K, carotenoids, folate fiber and manganese.


Warm and cold baths and contrast water therapy (example: alternate 1 min hot water, 1 min cold water in the shower) may help boost immunity, reduce pain and improve blood circulation.
 Try a 15 to 20 min warm bath followed by a shower rinse where you alternate between warm water and brief seconds of cold water, to stimulate blood flow and awaken the senses. 
Follow cleansing immediately with body moisturizer to lock in the skin's moisture.
 In order to thoroughly clean, spend at least one minute each cleansing, washing and massaging your face.
 Regularly washing pillowcases and towels will help ensure clean skin too.


Studies have shown positive results for people practicing mindfulness for as little as 10-15 minutes a day. 
Some ways to cultivate mindfulness are meditation, yoga, and doing a guided body scan. When the body is under stress, the focus tends to go to the immediate stressor and move away from stomach and intestine operations. As a result, the repair and growth of body tissues slow down. Remaining in a mindful and relaxed state helps your skin heal and restore itself quicker.


Antioxidants help the skin fight off damage from free radicals and physically fit individuals may have greater antioxidant capacity. When the body is able to make more antioxidants, the skin is able to preserve more carotenoids. This means a more “glowing” skin tone and, in some cases, better sun protection.

Certain yoga poses that involve bending and twisting may help detoxify the body and encourage healthy circulation. Yoga has also been thought to have anti-inflammatory benefits.


Facial and body massage may be beneficial for lymph flow (the lymphatic system is a network of tubes throughout our bodies that serves many functions, such as managing fluid levels in the body and dealing with bacteria and cancer cells). Massage has been linked to stress reduction and since the skin is a dynamic organ, the benefits of reducing stress are complex and important for beautifying and overall health and wellbeing. Using face rollers and practicing self-massage are other ways to relieve tension and stress.


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